Race with the Devil

Protocol Productions

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Our next entry in the database is thanks to contributor Asphodel, who has flagged up a title which is 30 years old this year and one that we haven’t yet added to the archives.

Race with the Devil is a scrolling platform game, similar in some ways to Blagger. It is very tough to play, and a demo was given we believe to Floppy Magazine 64 in 1986.

The final game was never to appear though for some reason, and Harri didn’t seem to do any other games after that point. So what happened to the game? Did Harri get bored and move onto other projects?

We hope to find Harri to find out more and confirm what happened to game. Maybe there is a full version that exists somewhere?

Contributions: Asphodel, Gamebase 64 (Screenshots)

Supporting content

Available downloads

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