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Piper Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A cheat entry for now, as its possible that all 4 of the games were actually released – so this is more of a call to try and find these games and get them digitally preserved and available.

Piper Software was flagged up to GTW64 by contributor HÁ¥var (who kindly loaned us Pluff for preservation a while back). He has mentioned that there were four titles due for release by Piper Software called Dinosaurs, Birds, Astronomy and Aircraft.

They were all educational titles, and were part of Piper Books LTD. Each title came with an information book, so the game was likely sold in book shops.

Dinosaurs was fully preserved in May 2020 and can now be found on this page we’ve added:

Various C64 preservations

Can anyone help us to preserve the rest of the games? We guess that they had a very limited release overall, although they were all released on the ZX Spectrum

Contributions: Kevin Wilson

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Update history

  • 05/05/20 – Added note that Dinosaurs has been preserved.
  • 03/07/16 – Photos of Dinosaurs game added thanks to Kevin Wilson
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4 Responses to Piper Software games

  1. I own the dinosaurs version by Piper Software for the commodore 64. Do you still require information on this?

    • Hi Kevin, do you have any means to back up C64 tapes to PC? It would be great to see any scans or backup of the game. Another guy has just found a copy too. Great to hear that the games are out there though! :)

      • Thanks for the response, sorry but unsure how to back up tapes to PC.
        Good to hear another has been unearthed, is that also of the same topic as mine? ( Dinosaurs ) or one of the others in the set.

        • No problem Kevin – yes, the other copy is Dionosaurs, as well as the Birds title. I’m hoping they will do some preservation work on both tapes to make them available on here soon :)

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