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Take a bit of Platoon level 1 style action, and take the sprites from Software Project’s "Hysteria", and you get "Runestone".

This is another early game from the brains of Colditz and Fuzzball, Miles Barry. The game features sprites were ripped to use as a testing basis to see if the game’s main engine was working ok.

Graphically, the backgrounds are good, though each screen doesn’t vary too much, and isn’t in the same class as Platoon. The graphics were ripped straight from Hysteria. Sonically, the music may have been ripped from elsewhere too, but its good anyway.

A lot of work needed here, with nothing much to do apart from run around a limited map and collect objects from Hysteria. Just how much more work the game recieved is out there to be found out.

Jed Adams got in touch with GTW and had the following to say about the game…

"Oh god!

I just saw you have me listed as a credit for Runestone
. While I did do some of the graphics they were never supposed to be final.

Miles Barry ( the coder ) wanted to do something to get an artist interested in working with him but he decided to do a demo of the game before getting the artist, so i did a few trees and a place holder HUD to keep him happy while working on it."

Apparently Miles stopped work on this game once he got a job at Digital Magic. This was being worked on at the same time as Perplexity.

Nice old school preview, sadly lacking a bit…

Contributions: Jason Kelk, Jed Adams

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