Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Salvage was a text/graphics adventure based on a redundant convict space shuttle where you must recover the valuable Sequerra Crystal, work out the teleport code and save your life by teleporting off the craft.

There are many problems to overcome and the game would take approximately 5 hours to complete.

Each screen came with a graphical picture and a description – and overall was a nice piece of software by the sounds of it.

Now most of this information came from a review in Home Computer Weekly back in 1985, and the game got a good score overall. There was even a glimpse of the inlay on the cover:

We can confirm that the game was actually released (albeit in a limited form) and a fellow collector has backed up the game and released to the world via CSDB, which you can grab from here (And which there are inlay scans – showing a very different looking inlay!)

Thanks to Sailor/Triad for the heads up, and Bepp/Triad for his excellent salvaging work! :-)

Case closed!

Contributions: Sailor/Triad, Bepp/Triad

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