Samber 2


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Samber was a pretty neat Load Runner clone that was produced back in 1997 time by Lepsi, a Polish development company. It was released via Commodore Scene in the UK and sold a few copies to warrent Lepsi wanting to develop a sequel.

News was released that a sequel was being started, initially named Samber 2, but would later be renamed to something else.

Sadly nothing ever appeared and the game was forgotten. Just how far did it get, and was it even started?

We got in touch with Miroslaw Zielinski who tells GTW64 that they had planned to make the sequel, but no production was ever started. However, Sebaloz Borkowski was thinking of starting a retheme of Samber 2 (with a change of graphics and music) and using the Samber 2 name.

The plans never made it into fruition sadly, and a lack of interest was put down as the reason for the game stalling. No sequel therefore was ever to make its way onto the C64 – a shame!

Case closed!

Contributions: Miroslaw Zielinski, Sebaloz Borkowski

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08/12/14 – Finalized details to close the case on the game.

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