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A rather interesting entry from the Dutch USA Team back in 1987 – Saviour is a 8-way directional scrolling shoot-em-up which looks a heck of a lot like Parallax in early stages.

What is particularly interesting is that it is linked to Ocean Software within the ingame scroller. Was this game really being touted to Ocean Software back in the day?… We could probably see why it was rejected if it was, being overly similiar to Parallax.

But what if this was being put up as a sequel to Parallax? .. then we may have a different story. Really its down to us to try and get hold of Oscar and find out some more about this and get confirmation about the Ocean link… it could well be a hoax :) One last thing is that the demo has no music, but there is a credit to MC… and if you check out his entry in HVSC, he has a Parallax tune cover. Nah… can’t be can it?… :)

Still, a very nice game in its early stages … we’d love to learn if any more was ever created.

Well, the creator briefly got in touch with us to confirm that this was pretty much all that existed of the game, and it never materialised as a final game unfortunately.

We’ve tried to send some follow-up questions, but at present its gone a bit quiet. We hope to find out more soon and close the case on this one!

Could this be a pitched Parallax 2 to Ocean?…

Contributions: Richard Bayliss, Oscar Giesen

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