Single Extreme Freedom

Alice Software Studio

Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

A surprise entry into the GTW64 archives thanks to the work of Fix, Bieno, Pugsy, Jazzcat

Single Extreme Freedom was to be a strategic game developed by Alice Software Studio from between 1992 and 1994. It featured action and interactive fiction using a turn-based engine for two players where you play the King of Soregno and Saratosa in a fight against each other. Most of the game’s description comes thanks to the game’s creator – Tamás Tarnóczky.

In the game itself, the screen is divided into portions, which can be scrolled from right to left – the map; the hot spots of the events mentioned above are also bearing the name of their fictitious cities and ports. Between these lands, the players can move troops and ammunition, which can be traded, or navigate ships in the coastal area between.

Throughout the game, there are various distractions which sometimes require the player to read a newspaper, or to bear children during that time. One aspect is that if you don’t have a child and if a king dies without an heir, then the game is over. There are three different periods in the kingdom’s history and each has its own text handler, players can also choose the destination at the beginning of the game and other conditions.

The developer describes a slightly unusual (and, as such, is perhaps unique) feature: one of the four-page sheets fills out as a text adventure game. A sort of “playing the game” type thing that is a side mission compared to the main game. The text adventure mission is to incite a rebellion to demoralise and finally take a city of your enemy (which can be found in the main menu in the “Market” and then “Rebellion”.

Surprisingly, Single Extreme Freedom was actually completed – but sadly was never to be published and released. It only required testing it seems, which is a huge shame – as the game would have appealed to quite a few.

Well, now the game has been saved from obscurity and can now be released to the world for the first time. Not just a promising preview, but a complete game for all to check out. We hope to maybe learn more about the game’s development sometime soon!

But for now… enjoy!

Contributions: Fix, Bieno, Pugsy, Jazzcat

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