The Pinz

Lost Generation

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Also known as: The Pinz and their untouchable world

The Pinz is a cool Othello game with some neat graphics and music, being produced by Lost Generation back in 1995 time.

Overall the game was looking very promising indeed, and was likely to be part of a last wave of C64 software to be released. It is pretty playable and very nicely presented.

So with so much promise, what happened to the final game?

We believe that the developers lost interest as the C64 market declined and other real life things got in their way. We do have the developer names, so hope to find out more about who the game was intended for and why it never got finished.

Is there more to be found of the game? We don’t believe so, with most of the game seemingly released in its preview. But watch this space, as you never know!

Could more of this promising Othello game be found?

Contributions: Reekol

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