Ski Run

Boom Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Confirmed as released (thanks to Steven Flanagan) and can be found via Gamebase64:

Case closed!

Contributions: Ocean Loader, Steven Flanagan

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22/10/17 – Case closed. Game confirmed preserved.

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  1. Hello, I have further news regarding this game, which I owned when I received a C64 way back around 1983/4.
    There seem to several games names similar to Ski Run, so I look like to clarify the situation.
    The C64 game “Ski Run” that I owned had identical packaging to that pictured in your webpage – the skier with the pink outfit.
    It was originally a VIC 20 game called Ski-Run, made by Rabbit Software.
    The C64 version of Ski Run is by Boom Software.
    The Cassette 50 C64 advert states that it contains a game called Ski Run, but in truth only the Spectrum version of Cassette 50 actually contained a game called “Ski Run”.
    CSDB does contain a page for the Boom Software C64 version of Ski Run, but there is no image of the tape:
    And now the good news! CSDB also contains the following page which does have a tap file available:
    I tested this and confirm that apart from language differences, the game itself is identical to the original Boom Software version.
    Basically, the only game controls are keys A and D for left and right.

    • Brilliant work Steven and thanks for the links! I’ve now closed off the entry (with credit to yourself) as it is confirmed as released and there are links to preserved versions out there.

      Many thanks!

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