Space Monkeys


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

An interesting title which could well be crossed off the list very early as a hoax, but should be reported anyway due to its mention in Issue 19 of Commodore Format.

Space Monkeys was potentially Commodore Format’s duff April Fools entry into the magazine, just mentioned briefly as a new title coming soon, but no details about the game itself. It might just be co-incidence that the game was announced in an April issue, but it is here to be found out.

No company was around called Fosters on the C64 – most likely a reference to the Australian Lager company instead to be funny. But maybe (just maybe), some homebrew UK developer was making this game or decided there was a gap in the C64 market and money to be made.

Do you any more?… can you confirm this to be an April Fools? This is all we can currently say about a game which could well be vapourware…

April Fools?…

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Update history

01/04/15 – 23 years to the time when CF put in this little sneaky April Fools. Added the scan of the early warning scanner.

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