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Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Quite an errie little preview this one, feeling in someways similar to Mastertronic’s ‘Scumball’.

A nice mixture of hi-res graphics and multi-colour, brighten up this early preview, where you control a space craft which must navigate its way through the underground caverns.

The preview is quite bugged, and can freeze your C64 up at some points. There are however only 3 screens to see, so not much to look at i’m afraid.

Another preview at the early stages of its development, featuring some promise. It was found that the game was quickly knocked up into a demo to take to a computer show.

The game’s final development was haulted when Chris decided for unknown reasons to call it a day. This as far as it got. However, Chris mentions that Andie wanted it to be a scroller, but because there was a time limit, the flip screen approach was kept..

Music is simply ripped from Driller.

But this is it, nothing else to find or report from… maybe some more comments from Chris and Andie themselves, but that is it for now.

Not a bad little preview… case pretty much closed.

Contributions: Chris Fitzsimons

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Creator speaks

Chris Fitzsimons speaks to GTW about work on Humanoid...

"Another one of those “get it ready before the show”.

For some reason, I never took it any further but the graphics look ok. Andie wanted it to be a scroller but I think due to the time, I just created a flip screen demo."

Chris Fitzsimons.

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