Splish Splash


Status: Full Game, Findability: 1/5


A wonderful and surprising finding to enter the GTW64 archives, thanks to the efforts of Genesis Project in late February 2021.

Splish Splash is a previously unknown game that was intended for release on the Mastertronic budget label back in 1985. The game itself was written by Adrian Sheppard, who around the same time had/was converting One Man and His Droid to the C64. Adrian would later go on to develop Vampire and Grand Prix Simulator for Codemasters, as well as Pipe Mania for Empire.

The game was randomly found on an obscure set of Italian C64 disks as a frozen file, and has now been tidied up and bug fixed for release. Just how it got out is a mystery, though we suspect that the game was submitted to Mastertronic and someone there leaked the game out. We have managed to track down Adrian and hope to learn more shortly about the game and what happened to it exactly.

You must guide Splish through the factory using the lift to take him to each floor and place buckets under the holes in the pipes. When a bucket is full, or partly full, you must throw the water through a window at the left of each floor. A very simple, but fun concept overall which would have made a reasonably decent budget release at the time (especially compared to the guff like Bionic Granny that was released!).

So whilst we try and find out more about the background to game, waste no time in checking out the title for yourself and what has been a nice early surprise to 2021 thanks to the Genesis Project group!

Contributions: Hedning/GP

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