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I was slightly disappointed when loading up this amazing looking preview, of what I hoped was going to be an accurate and fun conversion of the classic arcade.

Although it looks amazing, its sadly not playable at this stage at all – and you can just move a very slow Pac Man around some of the maze without being able to eat anything. Ghosts are also static.

Sadly this seems to have completely stalled and not progressed any further, which is a shame – as i’d really like to see someone do an arcade accurate port and using all the tricks in the book to achieve the same look and feel.

If there is more to this one, then we’d love to see it!

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  1. I was surprised to hear this music in this game as it has nothing to do with it.
    The music was created for me by Warren Pilkington for my Pac-man game I was making in the 1990s. As I didn’t have a name for it at the time he titled it simply ‘Pacman-esque game music’ and you can download it from his website. There are 5 tunes – title, in game 1, in game 2, game over and high score. The title starts with an explosion as the C64 boot screen was going to be wiped out with a bomb that bounced into the screen. I asked for music in the style of Creatures / Mayhem in Monsterland as I loved those games.
    Jason Mackenzie and I think Jason Kelk sent me some code to help with scrolling the screen vertically which, if I remember, I kind of got working as a proof of concept.
    Sadly, I never completed the game ‘Pac Mad’ which was going to feature different characters (with abilities), multi screen vertical scrolling and many mini games.
    I still have all the disks with everything on so if I ever boot them up and get the images copied to PC, I’ll send them. My title screen was pretty good from what I rememebr!

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