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roland garros

Another combined entry for a series of titles from Sprites Software, which may or may not have been released. At present the following titles are missing:

Can you help us find these titles and see them preserved?

Rapt is confirmed as released (see above), but not yet preserved. Confirmed by Marco ‘Exile’ Das.

With thanks to Bertrand / Atari Frog from http://www.atarimania.com for flagging up the titles.

Contributions: Bertrand / Atari Frog from http://www.atarimania.com, Marco ‘Exile’ Das

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3 Responses to Sprites Software titles

  1. My mistake, Haute Voltige / Parc des Princes is actually a VIC-20 title and the Sprites catalog confirms this. I was also misled by a misprint in a French magazine stating that the program was released for the Commodore 64 but the screenshot is clearly for the VIC-20.

    However, another missing Sprites game is Périls written by Hervé Le Marchand (catalog number: CM013), it appears in the scanned Sprites catalog I have.

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