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Following on from the recent recovery of Scarabaeus 2, yet another Andromeda preview has been found and recovered thanks again to Thomas Sol Sunhede and Hedning, Zyron and Whisper of Genesis Project.

Again, this disk was in a bundle of Greve Graphics games, which suggests that Andromeda sent this and Scarabaeus 2 to pitch the games in some way.

The game is a graphical adventure game where you play a journalist who has an opportunity to bring a large scale case to light at Hotel Mogul. You type in commands to progress through the game.

In terms of progression, there is a fair amount of content to this preview, but Whisper (after hours of testing/playing through) has found that it seems to be incomplete and with flaws that prevent it from being completable.

When playing the preview, we highly recommend reading the accompanying and detailed note file first, which talks through how to play the game and some of the flaws present.

At this moment in time, we’re not sure who the developer was and why the game never saw a release in the end. Was it perhaps by the same developers as Interview? We will try and find any press details relating to the title to try and shed more light soon.

For now, check out this brilliant recovery by Genesis Project!

Contributions: Thomas Sol Sunhede, Hedning, Zyron, Whisper, Robbert Jansen

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28/03/22 – Possible suggestion of credits.

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    • Hi Robbert, that’s a great suggestion and would make possible sense. I’ll add the same credits as an initial suggestion (with a question mark) for now. Will add a credit to yourself too, so thank you.

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