Star Wars Episode 1

Patrick Furlong

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Not an official licence of the game, at least, especially not in 1999! :)

One of the scener’s, Patrick Furlong, started the unofficial game back in 1999/2000 and designed everything which would be in the game.

Set out as a genre mix of Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion, the game certainly sounded quite promising.

After finding a C64 group who were interested in doing the game for Patrick, contact was eventually lost and it was never known just how much of the game got started, if any at all.

All that seems to remain is a design for the game, which hopefully Patrick may allow us to upload one day.

Quite possibly this is a game too big for some designers, but who knows… Maybe Protovision would be interested :)

A nice idea, but don’t tell Lucasfilm! :)…

Contributions: Patrick Furlong

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Patrick Furlong talks about work on Starwars Episode 1..

"I'd not long designed a new adventure system for the Amstrad CPC and was looking for a nice ambitious idea to do with it. After seeing a pirate VHS of Star Wars: Episode 1, I thought of making an adventure of it.

I broke down the film structure and came up with an adventure which would be close to the film. It would cover most of the scenes. The adventure system had no graphics besides from inbetween level graphics.

The game would have had a pure text based input for most levels. The game would even have a level based around the Podrace although text based but joystick control would be used. This level would also have used a graphical border. The same idea would be used for the space battle at the end.

For scenes where you couldn't control characters, it would make use of text based narrative with film photos converted to the CPC graphic format from scans from a magazine.

Sadly, I had to scrap the project due to lack of time and mainly lack of intrest. Only the main menu and the first level had been completed using BASIC on a CPC emulator but sadly, nothing exists from it to this day.

Detailed notes do exist though.

I was approached by C64 group NOMAD (IIRC), who did a conversion of Gods. They thought of doing it as a Lucasarts style adventure.

After a week or two of exchanging e-mails, contact was lost and I never heard from them again. I would love to know if they did anything with the idea though.

(A month later, I used the same system to design an adventure based on the second Famous Five book. This was also scrapped although I made a start at making a C64 version using GAC but that's another story)"

Patrick Furlong.

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