Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

A game once released on the cover of Zzap 64 back in the day, a cool galaxian type game by the creators of Orcus and possibly using some of its sprites.

Haydn said this about the game…

"Me, Mike Ager and JCH worked on another project together that was never released BUT was on the cover of Zzap64. The game was called "Subsonic".

It was a 2player simultanous galaxian type game. It was 100% complete and Mike may still have the original. I’m sure I still have the magazine and possibly the cassette with it on."

This game was touted around various budget companies to make a quick buck for the developers, but sadly no-one took on the game.

The developers then decided to sell the game to Zzap 64 for a quick profit, and the game was eventually released to the world through their covermount.

But this was mean’t to have been a commercial game, but sadly was never to be.

Good thing is that you can still play the game thanks to Zzap, and check out a rather nice game and a glimpse of some Orcus like techniques in a complete game by the developers.

Case closed…

Contributions: Haydn Dalton

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