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Thanks to Wayne Wormsley for highlighting this one!

Super Fighter was a PC based fighting game ( which became pretty popular, and so much so that a Demo group were looking to convert it to the C64.
In an issue of Commodore Scene, some intermission screens were shown – but we are not sure what issue this was and need to get hold of Allan Bairstow to confirm.

Nothing of the game was ever shown, and the conversion was soon forgotten about. Now I remembered that back in 2001, Deathadder/CWD contacted me to inform that he was looking for someone to do a conversion of the game. Sure enough, after trawling through some CD backups I had – I found a very old 2001 news page on the game which said the following:

"It seems that C64 games are emerging again, slowly but surely… But this time is more of a request to all you C64 users out there who are interested in actually making a new C64 game possible!.

Death Adder / CWD recently e-mailed to me about a conversion of the classic 1993 PC fighting game called Super Fighter. Not quite in the same league as the mighty Street Fighter 2, but a good game in its own right.

Coders, musicians and graphiticians are wanted to start up the project and hopefully complete what could be a cool conversion of a great fighting game. We are still waiting for something to beat the likes of IK+, and unfortunatly 10th Dan never was to be…. so is anyone out there wanting to knock IK+ off its top spot?

The good news about the project is that Deathadder has ripped out all the current graphics, sound and moves ready for someone to take control of and use for analysing next to a C64 when converting it over. So at least the graphical side of things is made a little easier to whoever is up for the challenge of this game.

This game isn’t planned to be sold or anything, but to be spread for nowt as with Metal Warrior, but if profit is a question, then something could be arranged.

Is anyone interested?… anyone up for a challenge?"

It seems that no-one did take up the challenge – and that was that! Or are we wrong, and did someone start it?

It would be great to get hold of the graphics that were ripped – it seems that some of these were maybe published?

Do you know anything more?

Contributions: Wayne Wormsley

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