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The craze was almost too much when Cyber pet’s made their debut in the market. The Japanese craze almost took over the world. Even some people neglected their real pets to look after their cyber pet friends.

"Awwwahhh.. MUUUUM!, my Cyberpet has died, you didn’t feed him while I was at school… wahhhh!!!"…. "But honey, why not take your dog Fido for a walk?"….. "Wahhh.. I want my Cyber pet back"….

Ok.. u get the picture :) .. I can’t see Bandai behind behind an official home computer launch on the C64 in 1996-97, but someone obviously hoped it would happen and did their own conversion.

This is quite an accurate representation of the annoying game which is about as much fun as Snooker on a b/w TV.

All the functions are there, though not all are working properly… You can feed, play, kill :) and other things to your "Pet".

The graphics are simplistic to match the nature of the game. Similiar in the way that Gameboy Tetris was masterfully created on the C64 in proper Gameboy mode.

Shame some nice graphics couldn’t have been done, but that would have probably spoiled the point this preview is trying to make.

Not sure whom this was actually being produced for and if it was going to be sold. It’s probably not legal anyway.

It’s unknown if a later version exists, no credits are present, so tracing more on this game is gonna be hard.

Prefer the real thing really…

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