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This is a title that seems to be missing at present and we believe was due for release by Novotrade. The same team that did titles such as Impossible Mission 2 and Express Raider on the C64.

Now the last title is particularly important, as one of the developers working on that game was Hungarian Istvan Ratkai, who is the developer of this early Tetris development credited to Istvan and found by Csaba Virag.

It seems to be mostly finished, but lacking a lot of polish overall. Because of Istvan’s links to Novotrade, we are pretty convinced that this is the same game that is currently listed at https://hungame.blog/segits-te-is-kutatni/ as missing.

We don’t know what happened to the title or if it progressed any further, but hope to hear from Istvan very soon to find out more.

Contributions: Csaba Virag

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    • Good spot! I wonder if this was just a hacked version of Istvan’s game. Seems like there is more of a story to this than meets the eye.

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