The Ancient Art of War


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We’re not entirely sure if a C64 conversion was ever in the works, but after the recent revelation that a C64 conversion of another Broderbund classic actually existed, then we are willing to believe that Ancient Art of War had a C64 conversion in production.

Thanks to contributor Luca Bertoldi, a snippet of news regarding the game was given in an issue of Zzap Italia in 1989. No other evidence has surfaced regarding a conversion of this popular war game.

So was anything ever started? Or was the Zzap news snippet a red herring? Considering that an Amstrad CPC edition did surface, then it is very much a possibility!

Do you know any more?

Contributions: Luca Bertoldi

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  1. Sadly, the Amstrad version appears to be a much later conversion released in French only, converted by Microids in their early days ( A French-only ST version was made at the same time. As those were the two big machines in France at the time, I doubt a C64 versionw as considered by them. Might be worth checking into why Broderbund never considered it when the game was first developed in 1984?

    • Good point Martin – I did find it odd that the planned release wasn’t done at the time, may well they never had intention to do the C64 and didn’t think it could do it.

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