The Doomsday Papers

Matand software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

The Doomsday Papers was originally an Adventure game release on the ZX Spectrum by a newly formed software house from two teenagers Matthew Holmes and Andrew (Unknown surname), with the software house name "Matand" being a combination of both their first names. The full story about them can be read on the Solution Archive website at

It was well recieved, and whilst developing another game on the Spectrum (Dome Trooper), Matthew Holmes started work on a Commodore 64 conversion…

"In parallel to the creating the new game, I borrowed a Commodore 64 for a couple of weeks and converted The Doomsday Papers to it with enhanced graphics. Soon the development of Dome Trooper took over though and the Commodore version never really made it from the master tape – even though it was complete and ready to sell. The Spectrum’s adventure market was far greater than the Commodore’s in any case, but it was nice to work with another platform other than the Sinclair for once." (Quote from Solution Archive website)

When GTW got in touch with Matthew to ask him more about the whereabouts of this completed adventure, we had sad news…

"Much as it pains me to tell you, the master tape was lost at some point in the late 80’s, almost certainly disposed of. I checked all of my master tapes / artwork etc a few years ago to sort a perfect image for World of Spectrum etc, the C64 version wasn’t with them. I’m afraid this particular game will have to stay as ‘lost forever’…. although I might see if I can port it across somehow… from the Spectrum… it’s just having the time!"

Who knows, by chance it may appear… but it looks bleak. This is very likely lost in the midst of time.

More soon from Matthew we hope on this one…

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