The Devils Crown


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A rather old Probe game is next up, and from the depths of 1985 to be precise. The Devils Crown is an explorationg based game where you go under the sea to explore a sunken ship for treasure. CPC Reviews details the game as follows:

"You’re exploring a sunken ship, trying to find a lost golden crown. You’ll first have to collect many treasures hidden in the darker places of the ship, avoiding ghosts and having enough oxygen to survive. This is the kind of Sorcery-style game that you love to play; even though the graphics aren’t brilliant, the sound effects are poor and the action is rather repetitive. Anyway, it will keep you in front of your screen for a few hours, because you always want to discover new treasures."

So as you can see, the game did get a CPC release and it also seems to have got a release on the ZX Spectrum via the Mastertronic label. It is unknown exactly why the C64 never saw a release, but the game was advertised as coming soon on the Commodore platform. Again this could well be a case of programmer jumping ship (Sorry!) at the crucial moment or just that this could have been a straight spectrum port gone wrong. It’s not quite known.

We still need to find credits for this game, but with over 20 years now passed, its gonna be tough. Maybe you know more or have spotted crucial details in the magazines of the yester year?… If so, please get in touch!

Another one maybe lost in the depths of time…

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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