The Great London-Paris Air Race!


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Vic-Torian Follies adventure 2

Novasoft was one of those early development companies for the C64 which disappeared as quickly as they arrived.
I don’t think i’ve ever really seen anything to come out of the company.

The Great London-Paris Air Race was a sequel to a “Vic-torian follies adventure” series on the Vic 20, where you would have to fly over 225 miles of rolling land and sea from a cockpit-based viewpoint.

Primarily the game was advertised for the Vic 20, with Commodore 64 version listed as coming soon. However, I don’t think the Vic 20 version has even surfaced, even though the first game – Seaquest did.

So did a few copies sneak out in some shape or form? Was the game actually ever started?

Very early days for a very early product from a very early C64 company.

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