Real Speed We Need

The New Dimension

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Not entirely sure why this wasn’t added to the archives a lot earlier. This was a sequel to a game by Richard Bayliss called For Speed We Need back in 2005.

Around the time I was working with Richard on Sub Hunter and was also doing graphics for this new game in the background.

Unfortunately Richard hit problems with the car routines and decided to stop work on the game, releasing the game in its final state here.  Richard had a second attempt in 2009 with Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge, which was also cancelled. In total I had worked on a few level maps and sprites, but nothing much else.

The game was to be resurrected several years later by Jason Kelk in a brand-new development called Endurance, that was later put on hold.

Jason sadly passed away in 2021 which means it will never be complete, though nothing much further was done compared to RWSN, apart from an extra set of sprites and a slight overhaul of the graphics. A mock up of how that version would have looked can be found below in the gallery.

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