The Time Crystal

Parallel Logic

Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5


A short entry for what was a late C64 game that was aiming to save the machine commercially, by a team called Parallel Logic.

The game was created in the 3D Construction Kit and reviewed in Commodore Format issue 44, after a period of months without any new games released. The game scored averagely, but perhaps unfairly as it was put down mostly because of the limits of the engine.

In Gamebase64, the game actually exists and seems to be the complete game – but it features a very early score panel area, compared to the slightly jazzed up one in the review (which you can see in the scans). Creator Philip Boyce was surprised to see the first edition in the archives, but feels it was released in that form initially, before he decided to release with some visual improvements before Commodore Format reviewed it.

Sadly he no longer has the later edition, but it is very likely that someone purchased the game after the CF review. Did you perhaps purchase it? If so, can you help us preserve this later edition with the crystal panel? Or has it been lost forever?

We believe that its probably just the score panel which has changed, but its always possible that Philip made some amendments as well to the game itself.

Contributions: Philip Boyce

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