First Blood

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Many moons ago as the C64 was resurging through fanzines, Godflesh was announced to the world as a new beat-em-up in production by First Blood Entertainment in 1996. Previously doing a few other games, this sounded particularly exciting.

Sadly nothing was really ever heard about this game, and it was soon forgotten about. It was assumed that interested was lost, and so was the game.

In recent years, we obtained some exclusive screenshots of the game, but only seemingly bitmap stills of the game, and no action at all.

There is no playable feature though sadly at the moment. And now after many years of mystery, we can solve the game’s mystery…

The game was to be a IK / Mortal Kombat game, with 12 characters, and very ambitious ideas and excellent graphics. Most of the plans and graphics were drawn up, but sadly a coder could not be found to produce the game, so nothing was really developed apart from maybe a few sprites/test routines.

Jazzcat was the main designer behind the project, and has been hoping for years that the game would have been started and finished, but it was not to be. Jazzcat therefore has specially compiled all the remains specially for GTW for exclusively release for the first time. This special download includes a lot of unseen graphics, and possibly some unheard music by Geir Tjelta.

There was a lot more, including sprites and other graphics and documentation, but sadly this was all lost in a house fire. So what we have here is all we believe that remains of the game. Also included are a set of scans which depict some of the cover/documentation artwork by Duce.

So this is it really… a set of concept graphics to indicate what was being thought about.. but not quite enough to get excited about sadly. It is however another entry which will get people thinking "What if", as with many titles in the archive. Could more be found?… Remote… but you never know… but its most likely only ever gonna be sprites… so you could say that what is here is everything, and this therefore a closed case.

End of the road for Godflesh, and another that got away…

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