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The year is 2047 and you have been summoned to the Historisat satellite which is orbiting the Earth. As the game starts that is all you know but you will soon discover that a scientist has seen the future and only you can save mankind. A prototype android, called Mek, will mutate and start to replicate, eventually destroying all but a few members of the human race?

That was the introduction in the CU Amiga review of a game which was by Oxford Digital Press, who were also linked to "Sleeping Gods Lie" that never got a C64 release either.

The reason we have an entry for this game is due to a brief mention in CU Amiga a few months before the game was reviewed. They mentioned the game was coming very soon for the Amiga, and following shortly afterwards on the C64. This is the only mention though it seems and the later CU Amiga review and Zzap 64 reviews do not mention the C64 conversion.

Considering that Oxford Digital’s previous game was not released on the C64 either, this may not have been started. It was a fairly ambitious game but seemed to be one that could have converted ok.

We don’t have much more information i’m afraid at present, but in it goes into the archives as one we need to confirm. Maybe you know something more?

How far did this one go?…

Contributions: Marco Das

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