Tiger Road 2

U.S. Gold

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Mentioned at the end of the first game, Tiger Road 2 was of course the sequel to the not too bad Capcom game. The C64 conversion of the original was good for rose tinted reasons (I loved it!) – comparing against the arcade, its completely different in places and quite boring.

You’d think that the C64 developers would be referring to a potential conversion of an existing conversion, but research didn’t find any sequels – so was it a bit of tongue in cheek?

It seems it was, and coder of the original game Keith Purkiss confirmed he never worked on a sequel. The title is therefore vapourware and it is very much a case closed!

Contributions: C64 endings, Keith Purkiss

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  1. A reboot/remake/remade Tiger Road was released for PC Engine console but the problem it is was released around two years after the c64 port so sure, developer (Go!) they even don’t know about the development from this japanese console title.

    Maybe c64 Tiger Road sequel advise is some sort of (cruel) half-joke waiting if the game will be sold very well to do another release whit the rest of levels (but srangely amstrad and spectrum ports didn’t have any advise at the end it simply re-starts at the first level and lacks even more levels than c64).

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some intention to release a home only ‘sequel’.

    U.S. Gold were notorious for attempting their own home computer exclusive sequels (Strider Returns, Outrun Europa).

    I reckon what would have actually happened was we would have gotten the rest of the levels from the arcade game on a separate tape. A good comparison here would be what Hudson Soft did with R-Type when they split the game into two 4 level installments ad sold them separately !

    As for Tiger Road, All computer versions are seriously cut to pieces with the Amiga and ST versions losing several levels.

    The Spectrum and Amstrad fared the worst with only 2 levels from the actual arcade game…the game just loops back to the beginning after this.

    I feel that Probe were juggling to many home conversions at once here so all games were rushed.

    Chcek out Probes versions of 1943 for the exact same situation.

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