Turn Change

Mystery Arts

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Yet another puzzler in production for the C64, and unfortunatly very similar to many other puzzlers which have been on the C64 already.

Nice colourful graphics, but that is about it. Nothing much else new to offer in the way of gameplay.

Interestingly in 2010 I had an email from David Vigh who corrected our credits and passed us on some other versions of Turn Change. Very oddly in the preview, the credits are not correct.

Unfortunately, although we have a intro picture and a working title screen – the actual game itself is not fully working. There should be a slightly different version of the puzzle game with a different background image to check out at least. Hopefully in the future we may be able to get these fixed up.

The game was posted to Gremlin Graphics by Zoran Zambo in the early 90’s, but must have been rejected. After this we are not sure what happened – there seems to have been some kind of attempt to revive the game in the mid-90’s, but things died out again.

How far did the game get before it was cancelled is the big question? Hopefully David will be able to shed some light soon…

Another puzzling puzzle for GTW to solve…

Contributions: David Vigh

Supporting content

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