2005 Detalion Games

Platform PC

Its with thanks to Liqmatrix that we learn about Galander, which was an action game that was being developed for the PC back in 2005 by Detalion Games.


On their archived website, the plot was detailed as being one which absorbs the player, where there are unexpected twists that will force you to change your behaviour in the game.

Near the end there would be a surprising change of role. Here is a snippet from one of the creators, Roland Pantola:

The game is placed in the fantasy world and that’s why there are such elements like: spells, witchcraft and various artefacts. The game is set in various interesting fantastic lands. One of the mentioned is the temple shown in the screenshots.

The title was described by Detalion as being an action game in principle, with fighting sequences that would require careful tactics. The fights are not just for killing enemies, but to learn about opponents capabilities to affect the course of the game.

The team were aiming to try and do something a little different, complete with impressive graphics and detailed maps throughout.

The website page likely acted as a pitch to try and get the game picked up by publishers, though it remained on their site for many years without any further progress.


Thanks to Retro Stories’ page on the game, 3 demos from the game were found (showing 2 locations) and made available for download (which i’ve been able to run fine on Windows 10). We have mirrored the download here too.

This seems to contain locations that were shown in online screenshots that have appeared over the years – suggesting that the game may not have got much further than these location demos. We of course hope to be proved wrong, and hopefully Roland can shed some light on how far the game got and if it progressed further than these demos.

With thanks to Liqmatrix for highlighting the title, Retro Stories for the download, and Web Archive for some recovered website screenshots.



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