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Our next entry popped up via Twitter in late 2020 thanks to Mark Hardisty, who spotted ex-C64 developer Chris Hester posting up some photos of a game that he worked on.

Ultrabulb seems to be a kind of Spindizzy clone, looking very similar – though having some lovely curved tiles for one the screens. Chris (who previously had created the adventure game Runaway) took the game to Gremlin after an interview. Their suggestion was to preload the levels offscreen.

That’s all we know at the moment, but hope to learn more about the game from Chris soon – who will also be providing scans of the photos. The game itself may sadly be lost for good, though Chris does have a few disks knocking about that may have something of it.

By the sounds of it, the game was never finished. It’s early days yet, and this page is a placeholder for now whilst we try and find out more and flesh out the story of the game.

Contributions: Mark Hardisty, Chris Hester

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