Unnamed Game

Paul Black

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

A rather quick entry until we get more info, but this Unnamed game was in production by Paul Black, who did a number of C64 titles including Dizzy Down The Rapids.

The game was to be a Wizball/Thrust clone of sorts – an interesting combination. Though we don’t know much more about it just yet until hopefully Paul has some recollections about the game. Paul still has his work disks, and we hope that at somepoint we will be able to see some of his old C64 work – including this game in the future.

Who was this game mean’t for? How far did it get? How did it play?… we hope to find this out very soon…

We believe that the graphics tech demo that Paul Black did for Commodore Format in 1993 actually contains the graphics that were meant for the game. We’re just awaiting confirmation, but you can find those graphics here and the test scroll demo.

Long way to go with this entry…

Contributions: Paul Black

Supporting content

Available downloads

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