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Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

GTW presents what could have been very similiar to Newcomer… and it seems that this game was the reason for its demise.

This game is an unfinished Hungarian RPG, which was started in 1992, and cancelled in 1994 as the team felt that they could not compete with the Newcomer game which was in development at the time.

Very unfortunate, though the programmer on his website has left the game open for discussion, and asks the userbase if people still wish to see the game…

I don’t feel that the game will ever be completed, though it would be nice to preserve what remains and allow people to see what could have been. At the moment no contact has been made, as there is a language barrier present.

Hopefully Viktor will help us get in touch, and also translate some of the documents on the site which explain the game and its concept it much greater detail.

Its very early days with this game, but a very interesting one from the shots which are now online…

Interesting RPG from Hungary…

Contributions: Viktor Vargor

Supporting content

Available downloads

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