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Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Warspite is a cool Shoot ’em up game, bit like Delta which was written by Phillip Ruston. The game was never commercially released for reasons unknown, though its quite a nice little shooter.

Phil recently got in touch with GTW, and it was found that the game was touted to all the usual companies such as Codemasters, Firebird, Players, Rack’It etc, in the hope of getting
it published but he didn’t get anywhere.

Warspite was Phil’s first serious attempt at a game on the C64 before coding the likes of Havok, Taskforce and LA Drugs Bust etc.

Later, Phil sent it to Commodore Disk User who paid for submissions. Phil thinks they accepted it but Phil never got any money and in the end the game was never published. It’s unsure why Commodore Disk User never did, but if in 1991 time it could be because they folded.

Eventually Phil gave the game away to a guy called Mark who was part of the Fusion cracking group and this is how the game is around today. The story complete and nothing to search for.

Case closed!…

Contributions: Richard Bayliss, Jason Kelk, Phil88!

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