Wild Fire


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Wildfire is an ace horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up in the Armalyte mould.

Unfortunatly, once the game was programmed, it was sent to a games publishing company in Germany which was also part of a Cracking crew. Therefore it was cracked and pirated so heavily that no software publisher would touch it after that.

Rumour had it that the original programmer, unable to sell the game, put it into the public domain. We’re not sure whether or not this is true, but if anyone has any further information, let us know. But its likely that the game merely exists because of its pirated release.

According to Remi Ebus, this game was developed before Alter Developments came about, and it was completly finished. This version seems as if it is not completed, but then maybe it is?

Hopefully Niels will confirm his game as complete or incomplete in the near future. However, Secret Man has provided GTW with what is thought to be the final version of the game, although it has the sub label of "The return" to suggest it was a sequel. More details needed, but we believe this might be the final version of the game and we have included it in the download. The music and practically everything else matches the preview.

But it is a sad way for all this hard work to go to waste and not recoup any money for the developers. More soon we hope.

A chapter almost closed on this game…

Contributions: Ian Osbourne, Jason Kelk, Remi Ebus, Secret man

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Creator speaks

Remi Ebus about work on Wildfire...

"Wildfire (never officially published, went straight to the scene after a malevolent company that didn't publish it, but pirated it, IIRC you've got that one on your site as well), Greystone (had serious interest from Thalamus, but never got published through us, IIRC it got on put some flaky German disk magazine (Gold Disk?!?) later by its German developers) and some more odd stuff comes to mind.

My involvement with Wildfire is limited, Niels the programmer / artist for Wildfire had it already finished when he joined our demo-group 'Mega-Industries'. At that time we were only starting to get involved in the commercial world through the disk-magazine Remark we published.

Niels should take full credit for that game, I had little to none involvement with that. It was sent, by Niels, to a German disk-magazine that adverted to pay for games they would publish, but that was a ruse as the person was also part of a piracy group, which pirated it and spread it before any other company could buy it."

Remi Ebus .

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