Winning Streak

Atlantis Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Winning Streak 1

Unreleased and unknown for 30 years until being released as part of FREEZE64’s Christmas Special for subscribers in late 2020. Winning Streak was a simple betting game that was written by Jonathan Temples, who is better known as the graphic artist for titles such as CJ’s Elephant Antics and Spike in Transylvania.

The game was submitted to Atlantis Software back in 1990, but for reasons currently unknown – was never published.

Overall, it is a nice and simple betting game – with a neat horse racing segment. You go between the bank (for a loan) and the betting house to make your bets. Possibly it may have just been a bit too simple for Atlantis and needed more content. We hope to learn more soon from Jon very soon about the title.

In the download is the original TAP which has been preserved by Vinny Mainolfi, and also a PRG file that contains a fix made by Vinny that prevents a bank loan bug from occurring. This bug is still present in the original tape image.

Gary Coates got in touch shortly afterwards to confirm that he didn’t do any graphical work, but actually did some additional code for the graphics within the game, sprite movement and raster lines etc. As a result we’ve tweaked the credits slightly.

It’s with thanks to Vinny (and Jon’s generosity for digging out the game) that the game has been fully preserved for you to check out, and see another piece of C64 gaming history.

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi, Jonathan Temples, Gary Coates

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