World Boxing Champ


Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

World Boxing Champ was a strategy based game to be released by Visualize back in 1994 and was advertised in their 1994 catalogue. But actually, it should have been released by Cult Software back in 1992. Cult had decided at this point to move onto the 16-bit platform, and as a result this game was not released.

Visualize was to resurrect the title and make use of the hard work. Unfortunately we never heard any more about the game either from Visualize and it was never properly released on the label (or on Supportware).

Luckily though, the game was released by Jon onto the Commodore Zone cover mount back in 2000 and so the game was saved for people to actually play. The game we can see was actually completed and ready for release and it was just due to poor sales of earlier titles that World Boxing Champ never got to be a proper Visualize release.

The game was developed by Michael Smith, with extra code by Jon Wells and some tunes by Chris Lightfoot. The quality of the game is pretty good and is very much like your usual Cult Software game, but with that added quality you’d expect from Jon and Michael.

We now hope to learn a little more about this game from either Jon or Michael in the future, but here it is for your enjoyment!

Contributions: Michael Smith, Jon Wells

Supporting content

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Update history

14/10/13 – Jon Wells and Mike Smith confirm at Play Expo 2013 that the game should have been released by Cult. Details added of this.

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