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It was in 1983 that a company called Bram Software released a game called Zombies for the Atari 800, which was later released as Realm of Impossibility by Electronic Arts.

What is odd though, that although the game exists as Zombie on the Atari – no C64 version exists. What C64 version? … well, in ROM magazine, issue 4, an interview with Mike Edwards stated that Bram Software was working on a version for the Commodore 64.

Full details can be found here, but this essentially was what was said:

Q. Is BRAM ever going to sell the copyrights to its’ games or make versions for any other personal computers on the market?

A. As a matter of fact we’re currently making a version of ‘ZOMBIES’ for the Commodore 64 and right now negotiating with some programmers to do the conversion. I guess there are some programmers that all they do is convert programs from the ATARI to the Commodore 64.

An advert also states that Zombie was available for the C64 (check out the scans area). A review of the released Atari version can also be found here.

What seems to have happened is that Electronic Arts probably brought the rights to the game before it was released on the C64. But how different is the game? It could be quite different and certainly worthy of trying to find the original release when it was known as Zombies.

Do you know any more?


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