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Panzadrome was to be a neat little tank action game (top down approach) by Ram Jam Corporation on various machines including the C64. It was based in a maze type arena, going around and blowing up various other tanks on an island. Tanks are controlled by a central computer which must be destroyed.

The game was published by Ariolasoft and actually released on the Spectrum and Amstrad, but RamJam hired a programmer specifically to convert the game to the C64. Sadly after two months, the programmer claimed to have accidently left the source code and all his other development disks on a train. There was no time to get another version started, so it was cancelled.

We are not sure if the programmer’s story is true, but maybe you picked up the disks from the train? … ;-) …. Pretty much it seems that this one never got very far and has been lost to time, but there is always a remote possibility that something exists somewhere.

Do you know any more?

Contributions: Richard Hewison

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