Giana 2 – Arthur And Martha In Future World

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Also known as: Hard N Heavy

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  • 29/12/16 – Scan added thanks to Ross Sillifant
  • 05/05/15 – Credit fix thanks to Andreas Escher
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Ok, so yes… this is in fact Hard N Heavy, the unofficial sequel to Giana Sisters. Well, it was actually the OFFICIAL sequel to Giana before Nintendo stepped in once more.  Of course, we all learnt mostly about Hard N Heavy in the UK after reading Ian Osbourne’s unreleased games feature in Commodore Force magazine.

Originally entitled “Giana 2 – Arthur and Martha in Future World”, the game was to feature the famous twosome from the first game which caused so much chaos at Nintendo HQ.

Attempting to break away from its “Mario” link, the theme of the game was changed to the future, but still essentially was Mario dressed up in futuristic graphics. Nice try 🙂

After all the comotion of the first game, it was decided to change the game so it didn’t resemble its first game or actually refer back to it. Giana was to be completly forgotten about and unlinked from this game.

Eventually the game was renamed to Hard N Heavy, and had two futuristic robot sprites with overlays as Arthur and Martha replacements. But the game was still the same, a futuristic Mario clone and Nintendo did not like it one bit.

So following swiftly in Giana’s footsteps before it could even get out on the shelves in the UK, both Giana 2 and Hard and Heavy both got canned over here. Hard N Heavy did however get small release in Germany and possibly other countries, but its UK release under GO! software was doomed.

Hard N Heavy as a result has sneaked out, and can be downloaded from here.  Essentially it is exactly the same game was what would have been Giana 2,  but without the Giana sprites which you can see in early previews of the game and within the gallery section!

So what about the Giana version of the game with the Giana sprites?…. Possibly with not only a name/sprite change, but potentially also levels and titles?… GTW hopes to try and find the remains of the game before it turned into Hard and Heavy… to obtain what looks like our scan shots we currently have.

Recently GTW was helped out by Stefan Lindberg, who uncovered the artist who created the front cover for Giana 2. This seems to have been done before the game was changed to Hard and Heavy. Check it out in the scans section!

Can you help us find this version?…Does Manfred know more about its whereabouts?  For now though, check out Hard and Heavy!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Stadium 64, Stefan Lindberg, Ian Osbourne,, Andreas Escher, Ross Sillifant

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    1. Arthur says:

      Hard ‘n’ Heavy is one of the most underrated games on the C64. Great music, many interesting platforming concepts, more so than in Giana. It had a few glitches and maybe was rushed a bit, but other than that it should be considered as one of the best c64 platformers.

      It had actually two things I never saw in other c64 games made before it: 1. Checkpoint is at when you are reaching a certain object (blue terminal), not when you reach an X coord position like Mario or Giana (became the norm later on with platformers), 2. Demo with playing the level (was in Mario and many Arcade games, but I don’t remember any on C64 prior).

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