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A short entry for a title that was briefly listed as coming soon on the back of another released game.

Karate was one of a series of games from KAB Software, which seems to stand for Kevin A Burk software.  Kevin developed all of the games with his own company, and Karate was to follow a 3D Boxing game, along with a Wrestling game.

The Wrestling game did actually see a release – so we are unsure as to why the Karate game never made it.  Was it even started, and is there actually a full copy out there to be found?

More details needed!

Contributions: Asphodel

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2 Responses to Karate

  1. Asphodel says:

    On the back of the Skateboarding game there is also mentioning of titles coming soon :


    • fgasking says:

      Hi Asphodel, I couldn’t see any mention of new titles? Or do you mean just in general they mentioned a new release was due? 🙂

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