New Zealand Story V1

Ocean Software

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I’m surprised that we hadn’t had an entry for this title a lot sooner, but there you go!

Many may not know that New Zealand Story was originally being developed out of house by Choice Software, a Northern Ireland based company who did a number of titles for Ocean.   Fresh from coding Beach Volley Simulator, both Colin Gordon (head of Choice Software) and Dave Clarke were assigned the task of converting the game to the C64.

Dave had some excellent code running, with level scrolls and multiplexing sprites and all was going well, until Ocean decided all of a sudden to bring the game in-house to be completed.  It was still early days, but some significant base work had gone to waste.

Other conversions were finished by Choice.  But the reasons for the C64 version being brought in are still unclear.  Ashley Hogg recalls that Ocean were short on work for their internal developers at the time, and so the C64 version was reeled in (as it was the furthest from completion) to be done by Richard Palmer (who never knew of another version being in production).  Other theories could be that Ocean were concerned after the poor reception of Beach Volleyball, and decided to get their own C64 team on that conversion (to make sure all conversions were fully up to standard).

Shortly afterwards, Dave and Jon Smyth (now Temples) were made redundant from Choice and decided to venture with Ashley Hogg with their own development label called Genesis.  Their first title was the abandoned Spellcast, but next up was to be a title which would make use of the groundwork set for New Zealand Story.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, what started out as New Zealand Story, ended up being transformed into CJ’s Elephant Antics.  Now with just a set of levels in a single load.  Codemasters snapped up the title, and the rest was history.

So there we have it.  What of the original version of New Zealand Story? Well, unfortunately we’ve never managed to hear a peep out of Dave, so its likely nothing will ever get seen or heard about this early edition of the game.  We’re hopeful though!  At least you can see what might have been via CJ’s Elephant Antics!  I wonder if any remnants remain in the game?

Contributions: Ashley Hogg, Jonathan Temples, Neil Grayson

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