CVGs Lost PC game feature

Thanks to Andrew Fisher for the heads up, but CVG have recently published an article called The Biggest Games Well Never See, focusing on some of the PC games that are sadly never going to make it.

Including titles such as Fallout 3, The Crossing and Necessary Force.

Check out the feature here.

and now the second part has also been added

Second part.

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  1. hey!
    what happened to your site? I tracked down Hired Guns 2 for PC – the remake of the old amiga game, but unfortunately let the webmaster of PC GTW take over. big mistake since he took a dive and disappeared with the game on his HD.
    I think i still got a copy, but probably not as complete as the one he got.

    anyway. only 3 games on the PC list? what happened? and do u have any info about said game HG for PC ?


    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately the PC GTW site was maintained by another webmaster, who decided to completely get out of the unreleased games area rather suddenly. Before we could get hold of anything from this site to carry on, the web hosting was taken away and files lost. Unfortunately none of us know about the HG game for the PC apart from the webmaster himself. There is a possibility via the web archives (Waybackmachine etc) that the game could be recovered if it was offered as a download?

      We’ve tried to obtain a few games that people have asked about from the site, but we think he pretty much got rid of everything.

      Our main site here continues to do the odd article across different platforms, and act as a news portal. Primarily a few of us concentrate on platform specific implementations of GTW (including myself running which we all host ourselves. At present we don’t have a dedicated PC specialist on the site to report or post anything, so sadly we can only report new stuff on the odd occasion as we hear about it (of course, everything we do is outside of work hours and family life etc).

      Apologies for this, and we hope that you can locate a copy of the game. It highlights that we need to get these types of things spread around as much as possible, in case such scenarios happen again in the future.


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