1994 Trimark Interactive / Software Creations

Platform: Super Nintendo

As you’ll soon begin to discover, there are many times where games are fully completed, but strangely never allowed out of the doors. Moto-X was one such casualty that was completed and then trashed. Often you’d expect this to happen when a game is particularly poor (well, sometimes!), but there doesn’t seem to be too much wrong here.

Moto-X was developed for Nintendo by Software Creations’ Ste Ruddy (Bubble Bobble C64 fame) with a hand from the Pickford brothers over a period of 8 months. This was one of the first titles being developed by Ste Ruddy, after setting up the new Software Creations studio in America.

The game is best described as an update of Nintendo’s Excite-bike on the NES and was actually the second incarnation of the game. An earlier version was canned back in 1992/93 which was to be a mix of Excite-bike and Powerdrift (An interesting combination). Ste used some of the older games routines to create a much-improved title, and with the game play more focused.

The game, although playable, lacked depth according to Ste Ruddy. The game had three skill levels, each of which had five different tracks and a bonus level to get through. The lack of depth was down to the distinct lack variety between the levels. For a machine kicking out titles such as Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country, Moto-X was distinctively lacking. However things were improved with some superb accompanying heavy metal tunes by audio master Geoff Follin.

So with a fully complete game and full approval by Nintendo, the game was ready to go; but the publishers weren’t so keen. Trimark Interactive suddenly caught cold feet in the console games market, deciding that Interactive Movie games were the future. Their interest wandered away from consoles and the games release was cancelled as a result. Software Creations were fully paid , so the developers didn’t miss out; but sadly gamers did.

Ste Ruddy still has the game on a prototype cartridge, but cannot release it due to legal ties with Nintendo. However you can check out video of the game to see what you are all missing. There were rumblings though that a physical release of the game could be on its way in the near future though. This was confirmed when Piko Interactive obtained the rights to the game and have now got the game available as a physical release. It is great to finally see the game out in the wild!

Case closed!

With thanks to Roberth Martinez for the heads up about the release.


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    • He’s around and contactable, but he’s not the licence holder for the game. If he was to release it, he’d get into a lot of trouble – that no doubt may change in the future, but I doubt he will want to risk it as he’s still in the gaming industry and Nintendo is still alive and well. Main thing is that it is safe and digitally backed up – just time will tell if people will ever get to play it.

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