GTW64 xmas update

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It’s that time of the year again. The Xmas update of Games That Weren’t is now launched, with plenty of findings and new materials, including:

  • ‘PUTTY’ – Found and released!

  • ‘UNDEAD’ – Fully recovered and added
  • ‘PULSE’ – A new unseen puzzler preview
  • ‘SCIMITAR’ – An early tech demo from Cyberdyne Systems
  • ‘DEADLOCK’ – More demos (including 2 early versions) added
  • ‘ARMALYTE 2’ – Game music recovered
  • ‘HALF LIFE’ – GFX remains founds
  • ‘SAVAGE PLATFORMS’ – Game music recovered
  • ‘TURN CHANGE’ – More remains added
  • 35 brand new entries added
  • 19 existing entries updated

And a little hint of what’s to come in 2011…

‘STARGLIDER 2’ – All remains recovered and being worked on.

Enjoy at

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