GTW64 finds and more

Thanks to the brilliant preservation work of Paladin of Genesis Project, and kindly passing his work over – we are proud to present a large list of educational game recoveries and preservations.

Some titles are listed within our GTW64 archives as missing, and others were not on anyone’s radar. Here is the complete list:

  • Alphabet Zoo (Floppy Disk Version)(Spinnaker) – Paladin found the floppy disk version which includes 2 other games not available on any other versions found online, including the version on GB64 (because those versions are cartridge dumps).
  • Dragon Games (Daybreak)
  • Math Baseball (Daybreak)
  • Keyboard Crazy (Waveform Corporation) – This one seems to require the Colortone keyboard or a keyboard overlay
  • Mastertype Training Grounds – The version on GB64 isn’t cracked and is a g64 so Genesis Project have cracked this one for the site.
  • Puzzle Mania (Readers Digest)
  • The Factory (Sunburst) – Differs from the HESWARE version on GB64 and has been listed on our wanted list.

The full archive can be downloaded below, and we will quickly update the relevant entries to point to this post. A huge thank you to Paladin of Genesis Project for recovering these titles and allowing them to be crossed off the preservation list.


Preserved educational games

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