New Games That Weren’t 64 site launch!

After many years of saying we were going to update GTW64, it has finally been done! We are very proud to present the newly updated GTW64 site, now becoming part of the main Games That Weren’t website and taking advantages of its features – including the ability to rate entries, comment, view latest update feeds and more. Additionally there have been improvements to searching and discovery with various canned searches set up throughout on key attributes like company and year.

No doubt there will be a few niggles here and there, but we hope to have caught most of the problems. If you do spot anything badly broken, please let us know and we’ll aim to fix as soon as possible. It is hoped that this upgrade will provide a mechanism to carry out quicker updates and on the fly updates as well (i.e. publish updated notes as soon as we get them). We’ll see – but any time saved will with any luck give us more time to locate more unreleased C64 software.

We are additionally retiring the domain, and it will merely act as a redirect to the new address from now on. If anything has linked to any old GTW64 pages/urls, then we are hoping that most should be redirecting to the new addresses here. If you are linking to the old address, please could you update your bookmarks and links accordingly!

Not much else left to say apart from that we hope you enjoy the new site!

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  1. Thanks everyone! Really pleased that its all come together at last. Been wanting to get things to this stage for a very long time. Always hard when you do this kind of thing as part of every day work and come home to try and do similar ;)

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