Bill’s Tomato Game (Megadrive) prototype on ebay

The unreleased Megadrive port of Psygnosis’ Bill’s Tomato Game has surfaced once more, this time on Ebay.

The game had surfaced previously in 2009, and then things went quiet as the quest went on for the elusive dump of the rom. Now there is a big opportunity to get hold of the game and finally preserve it for all to see. Only problem is that you’ll need at least 800 to get it.

It is hoped that if anyone manages to get hold of the game, they will be right away attempting to back everything up and release to the community. So often are these types of auctions picked up by collectors and never see the light of day again.

More details about the game and auction can also be checked out on the excellent Retro Collect website.

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  1. Might be worth noting the origins of Brutal Sports Football:
    The concept was never actually drawn up as a sports game at all, let alone a clone of anything else out there.On paper at least it started out as ‘Axequest’ and was going to be a horizontally scrolling, fantasy themed beat-em-up, with RPG elements, but designers thought that’d never catch peoples interest, so decided to go the sports aspect instead, as it was something punters could get their heads around, far easier.

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