DJ Puff unused materials

Something a little bit different, but thanks to Duncan Kershaw – we are able to show you a little glimpse of a level and a bad guy which was never used in the final release of DJ Puff. The charset is by Jonathan Temples, but the map, blocks and sprite seem to be done by someone else. Not sure who!


As you can see, this is a very nicely detailed level which hopefully some day we can piece together and show it in full view.

It was found on some work disks by Duncan and passed onto GTW 64. Not quite an unreleased game, but unused assets worthy of inclusion. It is likely that the graphics were unused as space ran out in the main game. Duncan once suggested that he struggled with map compression compared to Genesis software (hence why later levels were quite sparse) … this level may well have been a casulty.

You can download the map and sprites here.

The map is actually in Reflective Design’s own map editor tool, which was used to design levels for the likes of DJ Puff and Stuntman Seymour and Duncan has very kindly allowed these to be released. Check out the gallery below!

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  1. It’s got to be said, Duncan was one hell of a C64 coder. I didn’t appreciate at the time just how good he was, in fact. Nice to see some remnants of those ‘interesting’ times in Bradford coming to light again.

  2. Aren’t the graphics by Jonathan Smyth. Either way – I’m a big fan of his work and its wonderful to see more of it after all these years. Pity some of those level graphics weren’t used because they are great!

    Another superb find :-)

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